Best Google Chrome Plugins for bloggers is very hard to filter in the directory of 1000’s of plugins. And top of that 100’s of new addition every day.

At the very start of the article, I should clear one thing that I made this list based on the priority of most of the bloggers if you think any other category plugin should be in the list, then please let me know in the comment box.

What are my priorities at the time of filtering the Chrome Extensions

Yes, that’s a great question, I must say. At least after my answer, you’ll have a nice Idea about the rest part of the article.

So now let’s start the discussion.

My Priorities:

Self-Website Analysis

Competitor Website Analysis

Concentrate on the work

Browser Personalisation

Yes, only four on the priorities list. I had to narrow the priorities to narrow the search and make the list of best available options.

Well, I have some Bonus names for the last, which will excite you about the secret possibilities on the Google Chrome.
Here are the names of those Google Chrome Extensions:

Ghostery – Privacy Google Chrome Ad Blocker Extension

Bloggers love the Ads. Yes, trust me they love the ads on the website.

But the sad part is that they only love to see them on their website, not on the others. So, if you also want to focus on your work only instead of various kind of distraction available on the internet, this could be your bet.

Now, you must be thinking that why I’m mentioning you about an Ad Blocker extension.


You are absolutely right. To include an Ad Blocker Google Chrome Extension in the list of best Chrome extensions for Bloggers is not a meaning full value addition.

But Wait, something is remaining to tell you about this Chrome Extension.

When you’ll activate this plugin and visit any website, obviously this will do its prime work. Will block all the ads on the website.

But at the same time, it will show you all the trackers are active on the website at that time. Suppose, if any website is using Google Analytica, Hotjar, Yandex Analytica, Adobe Audience and all. Then this extension will show you all the name when you’ll click on the blue circle of Right hand lower side.

So, what is the benefit of this facility?

Please don’t mind my words, but if you are asking this question, then you need to work more on your blogging and content marketing strategy.

I have answered this question you can find all the answers here.

Click here to read | How Ghostery can reveal your competitor strategy.

Now time to move on the next Google Chrome Extension for Bloggers.

Other best Extensions from the same Ad Blocking Category: Fair Ad-Blocker

This will only block the ads on the websites, this extension will not find the using trackers of any websites.

AirDesk | Must Have Google Chrome Extension for Bloggers

This is such a gem. Believe me.

I love this chrome extension a lot and get into love with it every time. I’m trying here to explain a best short description about this chrome extension, but for complete use and its value for your productivity, you should read this detailed note about this useful Google Chrome Extension for Bloggers.

Okay, quickly list out the features if this plugin, that will enhance your productivity to the next level.

1. You Google Chrome will become a Cloud Computer Desktop. Just think once your “New Tab” page will remind you every time what you have to do, any deadline, any reminder of all essential links, un-cleared stuff.

2. Calendar function will let you add any event or reminder or any other thing you wish to remind at the right time. And what, this is not it yet, you can sync your calendar data with the Google calendar. So, whatever event you add to schedule in the timeline you can save that data either in chrome or sync with Google Calendar.

3. Favorite sites will be shortlisted.

4. You can create the folders as many as you want.

5. You can set the alarm.

6. You can create multiple checklists at a time.

There are many more features to dig and reveal; you can read those all here.

Read here all about AirDesk | Must have google extension for Bloggers

I didn’t find any similar chrome extension, which can trigger this much task at a time. If you know any other Google Chrome extension like this, then let us know in the comments.

Checkbot: SEO, Web Speed & Security Tester

This is also an excellent Google Chrome extension for Bloggers. But there is two condition. First, this will work without any cost till a limitation and the other thing that I think it only suits the use of new or intermediate bloggers.

First, let us talk about its features then we will discuss its limitation.

This Chrome extension I choose for new bloggers, because it displays all the data and figures which can help new bloggers, not pro bloggers.

Other things like, various kind of restriction which only unlocked for pro users. You can check here, what is the difference between Free and Pro?

This Google Chrome Extension tells you about the security of your website or blog, which you’ll not get on much free analysis websites. Safety is the topmost concern for anyone who is available online. If your blog or website once get infected from any hacking attack or viruses, then it could be very harmful to your website and its reputation.

Even, now Google has been announced that to rank in their search result pages website should be on “https” and secured by SSL certificates.

Read Here: How you can make and nurture your lead on LinkedIn

So, in my opinion, this is a perfect bet for fresher or new bloggers, and this is the reason why I include it here and recommend as Must have Google Chrome extension for bloggers.

Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa traffic rank is once again an essential plugin for bloggers and website owners. This plugin does a straightforward thing for you if you are opting for Free plan. This has a considerable scale potential to analysis a website and any website in the world.

First, let’s discuss the pure value of Alexa Ranking. Alexa ranking shows how famous and traffic are generating a potential in your website or blog.

What is the use or value of this Alexa ranking?

So, when you try to monetize your website by Ads and if you’re looking for the direct sponsors, then they will predict your site and your audience potential by Alexa ranking. So, the concept is straightforward, with the help of this Google Chrome Extension you quickly can get to know about popularity and visitors potential of that particular website.

After installing and activating this Chrome extension, you’ll easily able to see all these details.

Similar Google Chrome Extension: Similar Web

Mercury Reader

Mercury reader is for very specific and highly productive or always running short on time kind of bloggers. As a blogger, I knew it that apart from writing we have to read a lot too.

No, I don’t have any problem with reading. I usually read a lot of articles from the different-different website for hours. Because I’m doing this for years, and I love to read books too. So, I know the fundamental difference in reading experience between a book and an online article.

Have you ever think that why readers suggest you have a Kindle or Paperback edition of the book instead of Pdf?
Because computers have a lot of distraction, and this is the same problem with Tab or Mobile.

On the computer, you have the option to listen music, surf internet or complete some vital stuff. But Kindle or Book is free from these kinds of distractions. So, there you can focus more on your reading then the other possible distraction.

But, we have to surf the websites on the computer because some specific products are only available on the internet. And websites use a lot of distraction to monetize their content, it makes some profit for them but creates a lot of distraction for readers at the same time.

So, here this is the Google Chrome Extension to keep you away from distractions. Click here and install this Google Chrome extension which is must for bloggers and read the same content in distraction free mode.

Only one thing you need to keep in mind that this extension sometime considers the images as the distraction and remove from your reading view. Or the image may be displaced from their original position. So, if you’re reading an article in which images are plying an important role, then I would suggest you do not use the extension by clicking it.

Now time to have Bonus Extension suggestion

Is there any Youtuber?

For YouTube, there is a Google Chrome Extension VidIQ.

This service is not entirely free service. But yes, in free version too it helps you a lot to increase your YouTube SEO to universal satisfying level. You also can see the SEO score of your favorite YouTuber of Video.

Not only for bloggers, even for YouTubers have to take care of SEO in their uploaded content. This extension also suggests you include the most of interactive and essential things like cards and end screen.

Without saying much, I only would like to tell you that you should install this extension right now and explore another opportunity to get the audience.


Google enabled the extension feature for the third party with one aim to make it more useful, and these above mentioned Must have Google Chrome Extension for bloggers are doing the same. These extensions will enhance your surfing experience vastly, and top of all push your productivity and efficiency beyond a limit. That is the main challenge, and not everyone is doing, only few are pushing their limit, and I want you to become one of them.

Thank you very much for your time, and please let us know in the comment the name of Google Chrome Extensions, which should include in this list. Or you can share your good or bad experience with any Google Chrome Extension.

Thanks once again.