Yes, you may be heard of Ghostery, but I think no. You didn’t hear this name before, because this is a new Google Chrome Extension and not so famous among the users. I got a lead of this awesome plugin, and I found it very useful for bloggers. The best thing about it that this is useful for both, newbie and pro bloggers both.

We also include it in my list of 5 Google Chrome extensions which a blogger should have. And here I’m explaining why this could be your secret weapon in your quiver.

First of all, let me tell you that this is not a full-featured to that will do many works for you.

How Ghostery: Privacy Ad Blocker can help Bloggers and Online Businesses?

Ghostery is not an SEO tool or any content suggestion too which show you some result to improve your website. It will help you to find the active trackers on the website, and you can have an idea that which services that website owner are using.

This Plugin is designed to track the trackers active on the website and kill the trackers which are responsible for showing Ads on the website.

So, when it kills the Ad scripts on the website, it also shows you the active trackers which are active but not responsible for advertising on the website.

How finding Trackers of other website could be helpful for bloggers or online business owners?

Finding tracker active on any website means you are now aware that what service your competitor is/are using.

Now technology is very evolved and in this era of technology, believe me, you’ll not be able to afford to behind in using the latest tech and services.

Once you are in the public domain with any blog or online business, you have to mold your blog or business according to your target audience. To know the best and most about your customers or audience is the best way to keep them engaging with you and increase them regarding nos.

But how? This is the primary question.

Everyone can say this is important to do but how?

And after all that, there are a no. of tools available for every kind of service, which you should go with?

How to get the answer to all these.

You can get the answer of all these if you are following any successful website. You can track your competitor too; if you are experiencing that he is getting new height very rapidly, then you can see that how they managed to get it.

Yes, you can see the names of tools, which they are using to get, what they want.

Do you want to know, how Ghostery can help you to compete with your competitor?

Let me answer this question with the help of a real-life example.

Suppose, 5 months before your website “” and your competitor website “” was on the same level. But now, unfortunately, scenario is bit different and you are behind of your competitor, or may be far behind.

What your competitor has been done in this period that he is far away than you and what you did wrong?

The most straightforward part is to find the answer that “What you did wrong with your Blog?” or “What was the loophole in your strategy?

It is the secondary thing, and we will discuss it in another article, that how can you find the right answer to these type of questions.

Now you should think about your competitor. “What he does, that connects well with the audience, and you missed that?

I’m not saying that he uses this plugin and you don’t. (Ahh… I know that was a bad joke.)

He gets the data from his audience, and then he decides to implement his strategies. He knows, which part of the article engages the audience more, and which call-to-action hook more and more attention. Did you know all this?

Which article is getting more traffic and traffic source can quickly figure out from Google analytics and other tools, but gathering the more detailed audience behavior, we need to use many tools.

In your early days, ignore all these tools. But if you are an online business owner or professional blogger and you are not using the tools which reveal more about your audience behavior, very soon you’ll find yourself out of the game.

Believe me; you have to change with the time and upgrade your technology. You can spend as per your convenience and your use, but you have too. If you think that once you are established then you’ll not need to do anything extra for marketing and other things then you are on very wrong track.


Ghostery: Privacy Ad Blocker Google Chrome extension not a very easy to use the extension and it will not show you any benefit directly in your business. But if you’re in any race and your competitor is hiding their weapons from the world, then this extension can help you to reveal most of them.

At least you can use it for your common purpose, and it will be done its original work very correctly, that is blocking the Ads from any website or YouTube.

We are on standby to hear some by your end; please do share with us if you know any other this kind of extension. Please do share your experience too with Google Chrome extensions. Your suggestions, appreciations or complaints are also most welcome here.

Thanks for your time.