In this article two passionate blogger Rahul Sharma from InsideOutWithRahulYuvi and Prashant Kumar from SproutCluster is going to share some beginners dilemma and question which will remain unanswered if you’ll not answer it to yourself and be genuine.

Blog writing is a kind of your performed action which will be cater to the general public and you’ll be rated sometimes. “Public will see my blog, my writing, and world will see it”, if you are reading this statement as a benefit of internet that can push your article to the millions; at the same time beginners got scared from the same.

Obviously no one is a great speaker by birth and they all have cross this hesitation by their own unique technique, mindset and they all took different amount of time to do this.

How Rahul break his Dilemma to start blog writing

Here Rahul from sharing his experience with you, how he managed to break all his inner barriers and start his blog and got great exposure after get rid of beginning dilemma:

“3 years, it took me almost 3 longs years to actually put pen to the paper since I first thought of writing a blog. Every time I used to get excited about writing my first blog and settle down with my paraphernalia, a sudden depressing thought used to fizzle out all the enthusiasm – “I am writing for whom? Who’s gonna read my blogs?

I am sure this thought does cross mind of many of the beginners and to some extent, this apprehension seems quite justified too. Because at the end of the day, a writer needs readers who can take the pain of going through the entire write up and give a feedback too. Now since in most cases, a beginner is not a celebrity, so there is no assured fan following to begin with. As for the friends, well irrespective of how close a friend is, still it is little unlikely that he/she will be able to take out time to read your blog every single time. Yes, initially they might but eventually they won’t and it is probably little too much to ask in today’s busy world. Even now, after having written a decent number of blogs/articles on different platforms, some of my friends still ask me that why exactly am I writing a blog, where will it ultimately lead me to, what purpose will this blog writing solve etc.

Because of all these hurdles mentioned above, for most people, the very idea of writing a blog dies a silent death in due course of time. Luckily, the same didn’t happen to me. Somewhere in my subconscious mind, I kept the thought of writing blogs going. And then one fine day, it did happen. I wrote my first blog and 3-4 blogs followed within no time. I was happy but my happiness was short-lived. Since the viewers were really few and feedback/comments were even

fewer, I once again lost the energy and the will to write any further. A gap of almost 5 years followed.

Start Blogging Again | Second Inning, a fresh Start

Very honestly though, the urge to write never left me and finally, after almost 5 years, I made up my mind to give it another try , this time with the right frame of mind – I will be writing for myself, only for myself – with or without readers. Since by now, I had become an ardent traveller so I chose travel blogs this time. Without thinking of anything else, I straightaway made a word press account and created a Facebook page Inside Out with RahulYuvi and started writing. Believe me, I was so glad to have pursued my lost love – writing, once again. But as the fate would have it, this time the cake came with an icing too. Right from first blog of my second innings, the response was quiet overwhelming.

Now some friendly advice to all the Beginners

  1. Start immediately. Just identify your interest, choose a blogging platform (there are many) and start writing – travel, life, health or for that matter anything & everything.
  2. Drop the thought of getting popular or earning money through blogs, don’t even go there. Just write.
  3. Don’t read “Best way to write a blog” etc. type things online. That’s disastrous. Don’t copy any format. Your own writing style will be best for you since it will be straight from heart and not diluted in any which way. Just try to make it little easier on eyes by using proper font size & photographs, again as per your own jurisdiction
  4. Promote you blog the way you want to but don’t get affected by the results. Remember, you yourself are the first & foremost reason for your blog to exist, acknowledgement of others should be appreciated but it should certainly not be the deciding factor.

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[[Knock, Knock]]

Sorry to disturb you,

I know you also were enjoying his words same like I enjoyed when I found his blog first time. I would like to tell you that, this is not the whole article.

This is part of article from Rahul’s blog InsideOutWithYuvi and here it is placed with the proper permission from the original author Rahul Sharma. I thank him for this.

Thanks once again for the precious advice, he mentioned it as some friendly advice but believe me in your early days even your friends will not advised you in this way, as he does or SproutCluster is doing.

A bit of addition by my end

So here you see that He took approx. 7-8 years in total to have a clear mind that he have to write blog.

If you’ll ask me about mine. I was clear from the day one that what I have to write and how can I learn the blogging and WordPress. As per my experience If you are writing blog for 2 reasons:

  • To monetize and have some bucks in your wallet, and
  • Get featured in many popular magazines, journals, or will be treated like a celebrity

If you’re writing or want to start blogging for these 2 reason then please don’t do this. Believe me no advice, no suggestion will help you to achieve your goal.

You’ll have to write the blog like your diary, no one will appreciate it, no one will recognize you cause of your writing and you’ll get nothing, even a penny. If you have been admitted this and still you want to write blog, then “You’re most Welcome”. And SproutCluster community is with you to assist and guide you (If you feel need of it.)

Tons of options are available nowadays and you can go to the world for free with your writing. SproutCluster is here to help you and assist you at every step, what else you want?

No, I’m asking. “What else you want to start your own blog?

We are here to try our best and provide you those (if possible).

Conclusion on Break the Dilemma and Start Blogging

So, we are done for this first part of “Breaking the Dilemma and Start Blogging.” I hope personal experiences of Rahul Sharma and his advice will help you to ignite the inner energy to start writing on your blog and if you’ve surrender the weapon and decide to leave blogging. Our suggestion will be to “Give yourself another chance.” And get a fresh start with fresh and without any monetization or popularity kind of aim.

If you think we didn’t answer for your dilemma then please feel free to share yours in comment box below, we will answer them and maybe we will write another article to answer you.

Now please permit Me and Rahul to sign off, will meet you with another interesting article.

Thanking You!