Nobody needs to describe, what we can get benefits from Social Media.

A no. of social media platform with its specific kind of use provides us the better and sophisticated way to connect with friends, family, colleague and strangers too. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, each of these built with their mission and particular functionalities.

Two things are common in all of these, those are:

  • You can interact and network with anyone, available on the platform.
  • The easiest method to convey or spread your words in front of a broader audience.

But as you know, nowadays LinkedIn is the best social networking platform to build your quality professional network or the reputation of a company.

You’re on LinkedIn, right?

Have you ever got the invitation from someone in a very weird or ordinary way?

Of course, your answer would be yes.

So, if you do also want to confess any this kind of mistakes, then it’s OK.

But the main question is that

How can we craft a professional invitation message for LinkedIn?

And after the request got accepted,

What we should do to nurture the professional relationship via interchange of some messages?

OK, Let’s start with the crafting of LinkedIn Invitation message

Invitation message should be highly personalized, and receiver should convince to think about you and check your profile. If the receiver of the invitation visits your profile then, there is a 70% chance that he/she will accept your request.

Many of the times they can accept your request without visiting your profile.

OK, so here is some tried and tested invitation template, which let receiver feel personalized and unique. The first template can be used when you are sending an invitation on LinkedIn to someone, who is the 2nd connection to you.

Hello {Name_of_Receiver}

Mr. Akash Benedict, a member of my LinkedIn network, suggested that we connect. He thought you might be interested in having a chat about how we could help your organization.

If that’s the case, let me know. In the meantime, I would be honoured to have you join my network.

In this template, you can approach a potential client to connect with you. And you are giving him a reason to trust you.

Because Akash Benedict (an example name) is a mutual connection between you and him/her, so they can consider your request seriously for a moment.

You can use this second template if you are a blogger or digital marketer and approaching anyone from the same niche. Please use this template only to network with others in the same domain. It will not help you to find your clients.

Hello {Name},

I noticed from your profile that you joined a group, called “SEO influencers” [or are a member of a group, of your niche or working domain, etc.].

Based on your activity and your work on your website, I thought you might be interested in having a chat with the people from the same niche, like me.

If that’s the case, let me know. In the meantime, I honoured to have you join my network.

Now, you have an Idea that how can you give a personalized touch in your invitations. Don’t ever send any invitation without your personal note or with an ordinary and copy-paste type messages.

Break the ice.


It happens very often that we didn’t interact with each other after getting into the network.

Don’t wait for the initiative from the other side. Start the conversation and let the person of your network jump into the conversation.

The most natural and professional method to break the ice is to thank them, for accepting your Invitation or get connected with you on LinkedIn.

Here is a template, which you can use if you and newly connected person, both are in same city. Same like the first one, start with greeting.

Hello {Name} / Good Morning {Name}.

Thanks for accepting my request. If you’ve visited my profile, then you must know it that we are in the same city. I can be in your office area on the dd-mm {date}, if you are comfortable to meet in person, then I’ll give you a call.

You can tell me your preferred time to meet so that I can schedule my activity for that area too.

With this message, you are telling them that you both guys are from the same city. Because in many cases people got impressed by your message only and accepted your invitation. But to get the most of LinkedIn, you need to take the initiative.

And with this thank you message also told them that you are interested in a healthy professional relationship with them.

At least 30% guys will reply you because you are convincing them indirectly to respond you.

If he/she is not from your city, then you can approach them to connect with you on Facebook or other social media platforms. It will help you to know them better, regarding their likes, hobbies and most important are they like-minded like you or not.

Conclusion on LinkedIn invitation & First Message Template

OK, Guys! This is some example templates to use for LinkedIn invitation notes and after accepting the invitation. Breaking the ice is one of the hardest barriers to break. Once you do it, your mutual professional relationship will get stronger very soon.

Have you tried it? Or you can share with us your experience with invitation notes and your successful templates in the comment section below.

Thanking you!