Lead generation is the most important and required asset in any business, whether it is online or offline.

First of all, we have to understand it that “What is Lead?”

Lead is the very first detail to contact with the company, organization or individual which can be a potential customer or audience for any particular company, organization or individual.

This detail could be in any manner. It could be an email id; it could be a phone number, social media detail or by any other method. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds, business lead generation is the process of identifying new prospects, then utilizing a variety of tactics to turn those leads into new sales opportunities.

Any marketers or digital marketers knew it that their primary goal is to generate the high quantity as well as high-quality lead for their company or organization.

According to experts a successful lead generation campaign, continuously generating the leads and keep the pipeline full with the contact, even while you are sleeping. Many reports suggest that only 10% of marketers are satisfied with their lead generation marketing campaigns at any time. Maybe the successful campaigner will not equally satisfy from his another campaign.

In simple words marketers have a lot to do to generate leads but, their primary challenge is to choose the specific medium according to demand of campaign. We’re listing here some name out which can be used to generate leads:

• Email Marketing
• Blog
• Social Media
• Active Networking
• Plan some Offers
• Show-off your Success Stories
• High-quality Personalization
• Call-to-Action or Landing Page
• Training Video Series
• Free Trials
• Webinars
• Ebook
• Whitepapers
• Interview with experts (On relevant Topic)
• Offline Meetup

These are some most famous techniques to lead generation, but with the evolution of technology, many more techniques to lead generation is coming into light. May some methods look outdated, but they are not purely ineffective.

This time we only will discuss the most famous and king of its era “Email Marketing” technique to generate the high quantity and quality lead for the sales pipeline.

Email Marketing: Longest trending method to Lead Generation


Try to go into the flashback, when approx. 1.5 decade ago email id was treated like an online identity. Yahoo chatroom, Google hangout, Skype kind of tools was convincing the users to include these for their daily needs. All you need to do is to create an email Id.

Phone calls and SMS was also very costly at that time in India in comparison of today’s date. The email was a free and fast alternative to postcards. Maximum private organizations quickly move to the emails from letters.

Moreover, from here a new marketing opportunity founded and emails getting used to generate more high-quality leads. It was and is cheap, fast and easily accessible.

OK, pull yourself out of flashback and get back to the discussions.

Now we have a lot of technical advantage and limitation as well as email marketing. In present time we can track our emails, that how much of recipients got the mail and how much of them open that particular email. If you’ve sent any link, you can track that too.

After all these improvements in email marketing, primary email service providers like Google and Yahoo made their algorithms smarter. These algorithms stop the emails to drop in the “Inbox” if the algorithm detects it as the irrelevant mail for the user.

How to use emails for Lead generation effectively

Most successful email marketing campaigns are the witnessed that all sent mail is to the email address which is registered with the sender by receivers itself.

On many occasions, some marketers buy the email database from somewhere and bombard the mail to those email addresses. In result, mail providers like Google or Yahoo block the sending IP and do not let the emails go to the inbox. It may go to the spam folder or maybe deny to accept the mails from the sending IP and sending Domain.

Email marketing for lead generation will only succeed if email will be sent to the relevant user’s email addresses. These emails may be gathered from webinars, free giveaways, contest or organization sponsored meetup or events.

Lead Nurturing through Email Marketing

From the very first email to the first recipients, we start the lead nurturing. Lead nurturing conceptual meaning is to influence or guide the lead to the product or service purchasing.

As I mentioned earlier, technology evolution pushes all the methods to the different level, and in the present scenario, Email automation is the best method to nurture the leads. Email marketing tool and Email automation tool is two different tool, and nowadays marketers use these both technology for email marketing and email automation.


As you can see that, email marketing requires research and a lot of efforts. For nurturing purpose, you also need to understand the behaviour of your recipients.

Email Marketing always uses to merge with some other methods of marketing. Like many offline and social media marketing also use to gather the leads in the form of an email. However, emails are the most effective method to nurture your leads. In later articles, we’ll know about other ways of lead generation and how we can cultivate them.

If you think, that we are missing out on some methods to generate the lead through email marketing, please let us know in the comment section. Your feedback is also valuable to us.

Thanking You!