The most and foremost concern for bloggers and any online marketers is to rank the page in Google. Many of them got success some of them not.

Then people use a lot of SEO tools and many more to rectify the real problem of their website. Any SEO Tool will never tell your website or blog perfect, have you noticed it?

Then what we should do?

Just think once, why you are not ranking in the search result.

OK, forget it. Just answer one question,

Why Google or any search engine should rank you?”

Now you may have a no. of the answer, let’s discuss on each of them like,

Because I’m writing new content every day.

Really? Think twice… are you writing the new content or you are making content in your language which is already published a 1000 times on the internet?

To get the result like 100% unique content is not enough to rank on Google, what are your heading and subheadings?

If somewhere it will match with other contents which are already ranking on google, then you answer me why Google should rank you instead of them?

Wait…wait…. We will discuss your answers to this question too.

I’m a traveller and I use to write my experiences on my Blog, so yes, my content is unique on internet.

O great… I also wish to get paid for roaming around the world.

OK, get back to point,

You are writing a travel blog, then why people should find your blog on the internet. If someone wants to find your blog by name, then he will find it easily. Try it.

Suppose your name is “XYZ,” and you write a story about your Amsterdam trip on your blog. If you have written it properly and your friends or anybody will try to search for it, then they will type like;

“XYZ’s trip to Amsterdam.” Or “Amsterdam trip of XYZ.”


They will find it, but the question is not anybody other than your friends and family will search like this.

Just for a moment if you’re planning for a trip to Amsterdam then what you’ll type on Search engines to research about the trip and that particular place.

No, try to think more generalize search term.

Yes, that will something like;

“Amsterdam trip guide.” Or “Amsterdam City tour.” Or “What are the place to visit in Amsterdam.” Right…?

These kinds of search term generally people will look for…

did your content has been optimized for these kinds of search terms?

If yes, then again what’s new in your content. 1000’s articles have written on the internet for Amsterdam city guide.

So, some blogs are very niche oriented blogs, and they only have adapted to a minimal specific audience.

Approx. everything is on internet, then how can I write any fresh content?

I don’t think so.

Yeah, a large amount of knowledge is available on the internet but, not everything. If everything is on the internet already then why people are creating many new Wikipedia pages every day?


You need to be an expert in your niche then only you can find what is missing on the internet.

Once again we got to reach the same point, where we start to run… “Why people should visit your website?

And you don’t have an answer, just because you wrote it in the more arranged way and easy way, let’s say. How Google or any search engine will get to know this? They are a computer programme, which works as per their feed command, not like humans. So, here “Domain Authority” and “Page authority” comes into the scene.


Search engine loves fresh, generic, original and detailed content. If you are thinking to rank with the 300 words article, then you depend on luck and algorithm did not any word like “Luck.” Only news websites got ranked for short posts and articles, but they update their website more than 20 times a day, which is impossible for any blogger, even for a team of blogger.

So, what if you have to write for any popular niche like SEO, digital marketing, Food blogging, etc. We will about it in our next article, keep visiting us to get the updates very first direct into your inbox.

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