This is not a story actually, Rahul Sharma explains his experience after moving to .com premium domain from the free provided subdomain.

How to move on paid domain from the free domain?


Pros and Cons. of moving to premium .com domain from free domain.

Google have millions of answer for this kind of cliche question, but what after moving to premium domain.

Have you ever think about any positive or negative consequences of this?

Let’s hear some experienced word for Rahul from InsideOutWithRahulYuvi.


Hi Guys!

The advantages & disadvantages of switching the domains (From free to Premium)

There is just so much of data available about the same online that, this subject has become rather boring to read about because instead of helping the cause, some of these articles confuse the bloggers, specially the newcomers.

So, instead of using any heavy technical jargon I will simply share here, in very Lehman terms. My very own experience of what exactly happened as I opted for a Premium WordPress domain recently after having used it’s free domain for over two years .

I initially started out on blogspot but wasn’t getting much traffic. Then after going through a lot of articles online regarding tips & tricks for new bloggers, I concluded that best way to go ahead would be to somehow make one on one conversation with some successful bloggers and listen directly from horse’s mouth.

Luckily, I succeeded in my efforts & based on feedback of some pro-bloggers , I joined WordPress back in late 2015 under the Blog name “Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi.”

I was advised by most of the bloggers to straightaway choose a paid domain for ‘N’ no. of reasons which I could not understand back then so I played safe & rather opted for a free WP account as I wasn’t even sure then that for how long will my blogging endeavours would last.

Now, after 2.5 years or so, I strongly feel I should have listened to them.

#Advice for Newbies

Always go for a paid domain in very early stages.


Because I didn’t & I regret it now .Please continue reading the post to get the answer to this question.

Why did I feel the need to switch to paid domain?

After having published more than 45 posts in 2 years span , my blog was growing steadily

with my parameters touching following figures :

  • DA – 35
  • PA – 36
  • MOZ Rank – 3
  • Alexa Ranking – Global rank around 6 lac & India Rank around 49000.

(Because GemCrawler is blog for Digital marketer, influencers, and bloggers, so I’m expecting that you guys are friendly with these terms. If you need explanation for these terms then you can refer my same article on my blog InsideOutWithRahulYuvi.)

I started wondering how & when will brands start approaching me for events, reviews, sponsored posts etc.

Which led me to promote my blog aggressively on all social media platforms namely Pinterest, Tripoto, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Indiblogger, Blogadda, Quora, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

Such consistent and wide promotion did help me & some portals started approaching me. But a thought started bothering me that offers that I was receiving were from relatively lesser known names & portals and for some unknown reasons, established brand names, even the smaller ones were just staying away from my blog despite my repeated attempts to approach them.

Once again experienced bloggers came to my rescue & they advised strongly that now that I have developed some good content on my blog.

So it’s time for me to go for a paid domain immediately as same would come with many added features and that same is very much the need of the honour too.

If I want to get associated with big names because established brands rarely approach free account holders.

(Rahul doesn’t want to bore you, so he will not explains the features here, you can found those even unwillingly in Google Search Result.)

Also, I was suggested that it is always advisable that a blog name features in it’s URL as well which wasn’t there in my case

( Blog Name : Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi

Blog URL : .)

The Main Content : When I move to paid domain, my website parameters went crashing down !

 Having the backing of some super talented & very experienced bloggers, I immediately decided to switch to paid domain & opt for a new URL which incorporates my blog name Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi .

As I was in the process of making payment, WordPress gracefully did gave me an option to retain my old URL (I learnt later that this option to go back to my original URL will always exist) but as advised , I opted for a new URL :

and Baaangggg !!!!!


I was finished as every single parameter of my website collapsed and status was something like this:

  • DA – 02
  • PA – 01
  • MOZ Rank – 0
  • Alexa Ranking –  Global rank around 41 lacs & India Rank around 3.02 lacs


I was shattered and I panicked as I thought my endless hours of efforts to build my blog over last two years got flushed in seconds and I need to start all over again, right from scratch.

“It was obvious that I would now loose all the content collaborations.”

Under such disturbed state of mind, I switched back to my old URL and my parameters were restored .

I took a sigh of relief at that moment but in my subconscious mind, I had this pain of not having my blog name in my URL and the affect same will have on the growth of my blog .

After 3-4 days full of anxious thoughts, I connected with same set of blogger guys again and had a detailed discussion with them whereby I got to learn the following:

  • There is no reason for me to be happy or boastful about good rankings or parameters of my old URL because they don’t reflect true picture. Because when you work with the free domain, then service provider actually provides you the sub-domain and because I was with so mine was something like ( And the parameters I’m talking about, their algorithm was not that smart 6 months ago what it is now. So these parameters could have influence cause of main domain reputation.

If you ever worked on then you could have known it that whenever you post a new post on your blog then WordPress automatically share them in news feed of your blog subscriber and sometimes to all in their interested category.

  • Though it took me really long to build old URL but new URL won’t take that long as my old blog URL has already reached to many platforms that will automatically redirect traffic to my new URL. DA and PA got influenced till some extent by the Moz diagnosis codes, and Moz codes are already available to every WordPress sites so every successful redirection will help to grab the past position faster.
  • In a longer run, having a URL comprising of corresponding  blog name will help a lot as it infuses a trust among the readers & brands for that particular blog.
  • A paid domain comes with lots of other features which are not there in free domain, including some excellent themes & widgets which make your website look more appealing. You get to add YouTube videos, HTML codes of various applications & what not. All in all, these add-ons eventually help in brand building.

Ultimately, I went back to new address , and has retained the same till date. After about 2 .5 months since I switched to new domain, here’s how my parameters read currently :


  • DA – 12
  • PA – 17
  • MOZ Rank – 1.5
  • Alexa Ranking –  1,014,104 (Global rank ) &   65,222 (India Rank)

which clearly show it is gradually growing and heading slowly where I so wish my blog to reach. 🙂

Just need blessings of you guys out there, see you soon with another piece of content !

Thanks Rahul, you shared your experience in very raw form with us and, I bet that many newbies could learn a lot of things with this article.

So, I hope readers could understand now that why we were not interested to tell the pros. And cons. of swapping to premium domain from a free domain.

Because these would not help you to get rid of the stress, these individual experience will help you find the answer of some unanswered questions.

Your valuable comments and opinions are most welcome here, put them in the comment section.