It is no more secret that guest posting is one of the most important factor for off-page SEO and Digital Marketing. To establish yourself a brand as blogger you need be more authoritative, trustworthy and your website should be go-to portal on any particular topic.

But how you can do all this and establish yourself?

Of-course, there are lot of ways, or we can say steps to follow for this. But guest posting is one of them and the hardest one.

You may ask to yourself, is it really necessary to write for any other blog or I should write on only my blog/website?

You’ll only get trust by different genre of readers, if you’ll featured to the platform where they use to visit. Your blog/website is not everything on web so, don’t even hope for it that readers will drop to your website on their own. They need some trusty reference to visit your blog and invest a bit of time on your articles.

And these references will be best in form of Guest Posts. I had gone through your phase so I know, you need more reason to start guest posting.

Ok, here are the reasons what I can give you for starting the Guest posting on different blog/websites, or you can say, this is the answer for

Why should you start guest posting?

Above I tried to explain the guest posting is important. But if you want to know why and proper reason to do guest posting. Here you’ll also get to know that why here at GemCrawler, I allow people to write guest posting and they get in return.

The first reason for guest posting is “Demonstrate Authority.”

If you have expertise in any topic, then it is the best method to showcase your experience and depth of knowledge. When you write somewhere it works in both ways, it increases their readership base and also helps you to come in the limelight, if any industry experience found you good enough.

Your reader could land anywhere, so be on most of the places is right for you to get more exposure and establish your brand as a blogger.

In terms of SEO, guest posting is one of the most difficult, and it means a lot. More guest post on more niche related and get the do-follow backlink also increase the credibility in the eyes of Google ranking algorithm and it pointing to you as more trustworthy.

Second reason is “It increase the traffic on your website”

The guest post does not only provide you the long term benefits and technical values. It also helps you to get the part, which you want the most “Traffic.” Of course, wherever you’ll write, some from their readership will redirect to your website, and if they like your content, then they will subscribe your mailing list too.

A great guest post can bring thousands of visitor to the website, but the most important thing is that, are you ready to keep your readers to yourself. It is essential that when visitors land onto your/website, you should be prepared in every mean to convert them your regular visitors or subscribers.

There should be some great content on your blog, that could hold the minds to your blog. It is another topic of discussion, “How you can prepare yourself and your blog for thousands of visitors?”

You can make new leads by Guest posting

In any other article, I will discuss that how you can find the right niche blogs for guest posting, but they will let you have the do-follow backlink or no, it entirely depends upon their policies.

Approx. all blogs allow you to have some do-follow backlink in return for your excellent article.

Do-follow backlinks and your intro at the end or start of the article is a ticket to your place for the visitors of their website.

If anyone founds the exact information, what he/she was seeking for, they will try to follow you or website to have more great contents.

You’ll have content to share on Social Media by Guest Posting

After writing the guest post on various websites, you’ll have a lot of content to share on social media. If you got the opportunity to write on any established blog/website, then it will show your credibility and content writing skills.

Don’t ever forget to share your written guest posts on your social media handles. If you’re used to handling different social media profiles for you and your blogs, then it upon you that you want to share that guest post through your blog page or profile or not. But you absolutely should share from your profile.

Build relationship with the industry people by Guest Blogging

Excellent and engaging content is way powerful then you can think even. Where you write the guest posts, it means you’ve got a good relationship with those fellow bloggers. If any website or blog is letting you write without having any relationship, then it could be the opportunity to establish a connection with them.

If your content attract readers and it got converted in any mean, it means your fellow bloggers are also enjoying your content, and they will surely get into touch with you for guest posting, if they’ll need the content from your area of expertise. Sponsored content may give you some bucks in your pocket too.

Guest Posting improves your Content Writing Skills

You may think that you write the excellent piece of content, but when you ask to write on authoritative websites, then they will give you the honest review on your content. Sometime reviews could be harsh for you, but you need to take those feedback very seriously because they are honest and by pointing out those mistakes, they’re helping you to improve.

Sometimes, they will rearrange your articles and then publish it on their platform. By these, you can have the idea of how your same piece of content could have arranged to look more attractive and consumable.



In this article, we discuss “why you should do guest posting very frequently,” or “why you should just start now” (if you don’t yet). Guest posting is itself a whole process of SEO, and I will discuss some more aspects on it that how you can do guest posting more efficiently. In the next few articles, I will share the tips about

How you can search blogs from your niche to write guest posting?

How to generate the idea for guest blogging?

How to get the most out of your guest posting?

There are a lot of questions related to this “Guest Blogging” topic, and we will unfold every part of it one-by-one.

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